E Plurbus Unum


The function of a Representative is not to concern themselves with their careers in Congress [..] [i]t is not to propose legislation or "tweak" the tax code so as to grant favors [..] [i]t is not to promote some personal agenda [..] [i]t is simply to protect their fellow citizens by seeing that the guardian on their rights, freedom and liberties, the Constitution, is faithfully adhered to.

— Frank Kuchar "The Qualifications and Duties of a Representative"

Job security and employment prospects for recent graduates are on shaky ground. Our tax system is repressive and in need of a complete overhaul, starting with the IRS. Government meddling in energy matters through the EPA is driving up the cost of living on all fronts. Our education system is failing our children. Failure to deal with the looming crisis of our social programs threatens the security of those dependent upon them.

Though the district's current representative has a long career in Washington, Frank Kuchar contends that he has lost his constitutional moorings and in order to right our fiscal ship. New representation is required, a representative who believes in the limited role of government and free-market economics. Frank Kuchar will be this kind of representative. We deserve better; we can do better.

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