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We Deserve Better, We Can Do Better...

For over four years, President Obama and the Democrats have been bold and aggressive in advancing their legislative agenda while the Republican leadership has responded timidly in response.

— Frank Kuchar "Checkmate — Washington Style"

Map of the 6th Congressional District of Texas

In a letter to his beloved wife Abigail, John Adams wrote, "[B]ut a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." The only way We The People will ever see real 'change' in Washington, is when we stop electing career politicians that fail to lead on the important issues of the day.

Our current representative has abandoned his sworn duty to the Constitution and us, his constituents, in favor of voting time and again on progressive measures and big government 'fixes'. We need new leadership, we need men and women who aren't afraid of standing firm on conservative principles in the face of demogogery and populist agendas. We deserve better leadership, and we can do better, we can elect Frank Kuchar.

Join us today, the journey to send Frank to Washington begins with a few simple steps:


Our district needs a leader, someone who will represent its citizens and not lead from behind. Our district needs a strong constitutional conservative voice in the House. Will you help by donating today to Joe Barton's Retirement Plan?

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If we're going to change Washington we need as many passionate Texans working to support Frank by volunteering to help us educate neighbors, canvassing, handing out materials, calling patriots, and working polling places. You can help today, contact the campaign office at 682-232-3507, by email, or use the button below to sign-up and begin working towards making a difference.

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